Nisus Icons Doc Boot-up Changed

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Nisus Icons Doc Boot-up Changed

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Seasons Greetings All!

I installed Nisus 6.5 on my old 6230 for the home school but they are more receptive and comfortable with the previous Nisus Compact so I removed 6.5 but all the Nisus documents with Nisus icons, which changed to the shaded type 6.5 creates and uses, won't boot up when clicked on with Compact installed, only with 6.5. It's like all the Nisus docs icons have been turned into Nisus 6.5 specific ones which only 6.5 could click and boot up instead of Compact anymore.

Any solutions?



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Please try rebuilding the Desktop on your computer. When you installed Nisus Writer Classic 6.5 the "Desktop Database" associated all the existing Nisus Writer files with 6.5. You have to "notify" the Finder (through the Desktop Database) that you no longer have 6.5 on your computer and you want Nisus Compact to open the files. The easiest way to do that is by rebuilding the Desktop.

Press COMMAND-OPTION as you Restart your Macintosh to Rebuild the Desktop.

I'm sure you'll let us know if you continue to experienced difficulties.

Be well.
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