Installing 4.1.6 on a 7.6 system

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Installing 4.1.6 on a 7.6 system

Post by jabbott » 2005-01-31 21:19:35

I downloaded Nisus Writer 4.1.6 in the five separate sections (BinHex) with the hope of copying each installer section to a floppy disk and then installing it on a PowerBook 5300c running OS 7.6.1. The PowerBook has Stuffit Expander 4.0.2 installed. Unfortunately, nothing seems to happen when I move or click on the first Installer (including dragging it to the Stuffit Expander icon).

Am I doing something wrong, or is this simply too old a version of Stuffit Expander to work with 4.1.6?

This laptop doesn't have internet access, so via floppy is my only hope. . .any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated.


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