Strange returns and page breaks

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Strange returns and page breaks

Post by Matze » 2005-04-09 14:19:20


I have encountered another strange behaviour in NWE.

Normal text, left aligned, Lucida Grande 12, no other styles or formats, Page View.

When I (re)write something in the middle of the text, it happens that the last word is wrapped to the next line although there is enough space left. When I delete the space in front of that word, it jumps back to the upper line, and it stays there when I hit the spacebar, to put a space between the two words.

Then there sometimes a whole empty page appears between the text. You have to delete it by using the backspace.

These are two bugs and I am sorry that I can not describe them more properly.

Auf Deutsch gelänge mir das bedeutend besser ;-)

Best, Matze

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