Broken scrolling in NWE 2.1.2 ?

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Broken scrolling in NWE 2.1.2 ?

Post by JVerity » 2005-05-02 10:22:45

Am I imagining things or does the new version of Nisus Writer Express have very unsmooth - aka herky-jerky - scrolling of text when I pull up or down on the scroll bar?

I do not remember this behavior in the previous version of the software. It is most annoying.

I am running this software on a 2GHz G5, so I don't think scarcity of hardware cycles is the problem.

Indeed, I have just shut down all other programs, except Safari, in which I am writing this note, and same thing: a minute but non-trivial delay in response when I pull on the scroll bar, and then the page suddenly moves. It used to be that one felt the scroll bar was connected directly to the text pane, so that they moved perfectly and linearly together.


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