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Slick Header Tricks

Posted: 2005-08-11 19:00:50
by drjdg
Esteemed fellow Nisoids,

I've recent managed to convert a colleague of mine to NWE after watching him suffer through Word for several years. Of course, now the burden is on me to answer myriad questions regarding things that I don't personally do in my own writing, so I wanted to ask y'all for any tips on the following:

a. how to do I make the header begin on page 2 (i.e. no header on page 1)? Same goes for pages numbers.

b. Is it possible to have the header text (i.e. document name and page #) right justified on odd-numbered pages and left justified on even-numbered pages (or vice versa)?

It struck me that I could make an "odd header" and "even header" style and apply them manually, but that seemed a bit messy.....

Any insights greatly appreciated,

Posted: 2005-08-12 15:44:22
by shades
Howdy. Good PR on your part.

For different first page header, go to the palette and select Section, and you will see about the 6th item is "Different First Page header".

For even-odd page headers, go to Page Setup, In the drodown choose "Nisus Writer", and select the second otpion: "Reflect margins, different header and footer."