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Post by Spiros »

Is there any way to 'bookmark' areas in a long document in NWE?

I can do it in virtually all other word processors (Mellel, AbiWord, NeoOffice, even Appleworks with their 'Anchors') and it is invaluable in navigating around long documents. I write novels and need to be able to click on a bookmark named 'Chapter 1', 'Chapter 2' etc. and be taken right to that spot. It also eliminates the need for endless scrolling.

If this is unavailable, is it in the works for future releases?


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Post by Ryan »

As far as I know, there's no such navigation feature. It would be an obvious addition to make a "Jump to next section" button or menu command that would take you to the next section (chapter, part, whatever you've decided). Since the sections are already there and work quite well, navigating between them would be a nice feature.

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