Detailed comparison of different word processors (in German)

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Detailed comparison of different word processors (in German)

Post by martinkerz » 2005-09-03 00:51:13


you can find a detailed comparison between some different word processors for the mac.

Our word processor of choice, NWX, comes in on the fourth place behind Mellel (1st), NeoOffice (2nd) and Pages (3rd).

NWX wins in the following categories:

"Import/Export" and "Overall Look&Feel"

it stays behind in:

"Pricing" (last place), Functionality (3rd), Speed (3rd), and Localizations (5th)

In detail its best results it gets for:

Find&Replace, Macros&Scripts, Tables, Import/Export (except for html), Support, Document Mananger, Shortcuts, Pallettes, and Stability.

It gets the worst results for:

Template Management, app localization, templates in general, cross references, outlining & automatic numbering, toc&indizes, annotations & change tracking, image layout and manipulation and pricing (especially for the German version which has a much higher price than the "normal" version. (btw, why is that so??))

I thought this would be of interest for you.

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