Using NW as XML editor

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Using NW as XML editor

Post by tbo »

I know it may seem strange to most people, but I am desparately missing FrameMaker for Mac since Adobe dropped it in April 2004. And since there is no program I know of that handles structured contents as well as FM did, I have to stick to old FM. But Adobe seems to be upgrading the old chap -- yet only for windows and Unix. The petition last year, signed by more than 2500 Mac-Users, did not impress anyone over there.
So there is a gap in my opinion: An editor that allows to create structured contents according to XML rules using a window displaying the underlying structure and displaying the contents as WYSIWYG simultaneously. (The guys knowing Frame will know what I mean).
So my two questions: Is there a possibility (even for a plug-in) to program a XML-WYSIWYG editor (perhaps with the typographic feature of true margins and the ability for text insets) using NW as platform?
Will there ever be a choice to import graphic objects either by copying or referencing?
TIA for answers -- or should I write Martin right away?
Thomas B.

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Post by Ryan »

Now, I'm not sure everyone agrees with me, but I think that's out of the intended scope of NWE. Express is meant as a writer's tool, the best way to get words on a page, rather than a layout app of any sort.

Also, I believe the preferred document format for NWE will remain as RTF for some time. This fits with the program's goal of being a writing tool rather than a page layout engine.

I recommend you perform a search for XML on sites like MacUpdate to try to find a program that specializes in what you're wanting to do.

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