I'm worried about NWE upgrade pricing

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TimL wrote:I wouldn't have a problem paying an upgrade price after such a long period either, but I would be curious about the ETA for 3.0 and whether it will be a paid upgrade for all users. I'm sure it's classified information, but I'm only asking because I haven't bought a license yet, and don't want to get hit twice within say a few months. That doesn't mean a delay of 3.0 would be good, of course, but there might be an optimal time to buy a license.
One of the Nisus people said that it would be a paid upgrade. I wouldn't expect a release anytime soon.

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Thanks for all your responses. Just to be clear, I never said that I disagree with the concept of paying for an upgrade. It's just that I think it's important that upgrade pricing is reasonable, especially because NWE 2.x is, unfortunately, still missing many key features. That doesn't mean the upgrade to version 3 should be free at all.

I guess what it comes down to as well is value. Upgrade pricing can be higher if version 3 is revolutionary, however if it's only evolutionary and adds some features that were long overdue, while I don't expect it to be free at all, pricing should be reasonable for what you get.

That is all.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

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