trouble with graphics

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trouble with graphics

Post by axlander »

Is there any way to get text to wrap around a graphic? If I drag and drop or paste a figure into a document, it lies on top of the text. Am I missing something? The manual is pretty skimpy when it comes to information on dealing with figures. I'd like to escape using Word but as a scientist I rely heavily on figures, tables and the like.

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Post by martin »

Sorry, but at this time there is no way to wrap text around graphics. You can fake it using tables if you like, but it's more work (and not exactly the same).

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Post by Robin Hood »

I am STILL waiting for Nisus Writer Express to at least have BASIC text wrap features.

Even Claris Works 2.1, which I happened to use today, can do it. Why can't Nisus Writer Express? I bought the product assuming this would be implemented shortly, but almost a year later, still nothing.

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