footnotes: need to be able to reuse

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footnotes: need to be able to reuse

Post by jfaughnan » 2006-04-29 18:43:25

I am new to NWE. After a year of looking around it became obvious NWE was the only choice for my family on OS X. We have a family license now.

There's more to it than I'd expected. It's getting very complete. Other than a desire than Nisus support OASIS file formats, I'd like to see the ability to reuse a footnote. That is, I want the reuse a footnote reference; it would then show in more than one place.

I admit, this is probably not a common request! Word does this, though very few people ever use that feature in Word.

(BTW, I truly loathe and despise Word, so I'm not asking that NWE be more like Word. I like it because, for example, the styles in NWE are a thousand times better than in Word.)

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