ever notice this glitch

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ever notice this glitch

Post by gemboy27 » 2006-08-06 13:14:23

When in Nisus I try to use it as a paint program....welllll

I will import an image and shape it (mainly because I can't do it proportionally in Sketch), the thing is when I copy a large image in NWE it will lock up my program and NWE.

I am using
NWE 2.7
intel imac g5 (1.83)
OS 10.4.7

the copy program (and likely the root of the problem) is: CopyPaste 2.7.5

When I do the copying, it lags. I open Force quit and see that CopyPaste is 'not responding,' but just moving to that window frees up NWE and If I move on to something else, like copying text, CopyPaste will start to respond.

over all does anyone else have problems with NWE not copying?

ps, have had no luck at adjusting the size of an image in NWE, but it isn't a big thing, copying images within NWE is, especially when it isn't a Sketch (linkback) image

thank you
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