Password protection?

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Password protection?

Post by RDNZL »

Good day,

Will password protection for documents be included in a new version of NWE?

Actually this is the only feature NWE can't do without for me...

Other than that: for my needs NWE is the best word processor I have ever used!


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Post by Ryan »

Since Nisus uses the standard RTF file format, I'm not sure password protection can be added. They could, of course, encrypt the file and turn it into something else, then decrypt it into a proper RTF when it's opened.

This isn't a perfect solution, but in the meantime you should consider using either a password-protected disk image (you can make them using Disk Utility), or a free program such as Krypt ( ... index.html). Krypt (or similar app) will allow you to encrypt a file or folder using a password and a strong algorithm that is nigh unbreakable.

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then what

Post by gemboy27 »

Nice program.. I am oft to wonder why people encrypt their work. I guess I have things on my computer that I wouldn't want people to see

the secret forumla for World Peace, for one


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