Nisus New confusion

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Nisus New confusion

Post by ncdobson »

I selected a recent doc as my Nisus New file in the expectation that only its attributes would be present when I open a new document. But now when I open a new doc not only the desired attributes, but also all of the text from the paradigm document are present. Have I misunderstood the idea of using an actual document as the template? or just done something wrong in setting it as my New file?


Nick Dobson

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Post by cchapin »

I don't believe you did anything wrong. I think this is the intended behavior. Just open the template, delete the existing content and save it.


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Post by Ryan »

This would be desired behaviour if, for example, you primarily write TPS reports in Nisus, and you want your default new document to already have a coversheet on it, perhaps with all of your bosses' names written in loopy fonts.

I made my custom new doc template have all my styles and defaults set, then I use an assortment of other templates for documents where I want content (such as titles, page numberings, sections, biblios, etc.) to already be present.

*ahem* An interface for working with templates would be sweet. *cough*

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probably obvious

Post by gemboy27 »

Making sure you deselect the "open as new file" box

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