Caption for images/tables

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Caption for images/tables

Post by Phil82 »

Is there any way to insert captions for images/tables that will include the number of the figure, etc ?

No, writing them manually isn't feasible, as the order of figures can change when I'm writing the document. The figure numbers need to be automatically updated.

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Post by martin »

There's no built-in feature for this, but you can pretty easily accomplish what you're after. Basically what you want to do is set up a custom list style for the captions:

1. Go to the stylesheet view.
2. Add a new list style called "Table Captions" or something. You want the kind to be "numbered", and turn on the "continue throughout document" option.
3. Select level 1 in the list style editor (on the right-hand side of the view).
4. Uses the Lists palette to customize the level format. You'll want to click the "#" tab (instead of the "1" tab).
5. In the "level format" text area change it to "Table (1)" or whatever you would like.

Now you can apply this list style to the paragraph after every table in your document and they will be numbered consecutively.

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