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Not what it could be, but a solid start

Posted: 2003-04-25 11:53:34
by Fireball1244
With just a few more features, this could displace Microsoft Word as my main word processor:

1. Styles. Must have styles. Hand-formatting each section is not an option, it's a waste of time.

2. Smart Quotes, Apostrophes. I mean, come one. AppleWorks does this.

3. Footnotes. Can't use it for schoolwork without this feature.

4. A native file format. I save as .rtf, and then the files open in TextEdit. I need a format that I can save in, even if it's really just .rtf, that will open in Nisus.

Other than that, bravo. Beautiful. Beautiful text. Beautiful interface. I had to get used to the slightly different text spacing, but that's probably a Cocoa issue. As it is, I love it. But I can't use it professionally unless I have the above.

Good luck!

Posted: 2003-04-30 08:06:52
by Wolfchen
All you need to do is highlight you rtf files and get info on them. Choose the open with option and select Nisus. Then select change all. You may have to do this several times, for example if you used Word, Appleworks, Mellel, Textedit, etc.... to create your rtf's. Eventually all will open in Nisus Express as the default program for this format. The fewer creators the less the work. Good luck.

Posted: 2003-05-02 10:51:00
by Fireball1244
Thanks. That solves the "native format" problem. Unfortunately, that's the least of my troubles. It's quite tedious using a word processor that doesn't have styles support, and I can't use it for my University work because it has no footnotes. Sigh. I really want to be using this full-time. Here's hoping those two very key features show up soon...

Posted: 2003-06-12 04:49:04
by mook