Word.doc conversion

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Word.doc conversion

Post by grendal »

NWX is wonderful! Thanks to Charles and everyone involved.

The only issue I have is with the conversion of word.docs. I can convert a word.doc using .antiwordservice and TextEdit in 5 seconds flat. The exact same .doc takes 10 (ten) minutes in NWX. The beachballs rolls throughout the process. I can't seem to move the "Opening Word Document" panel out of the way. Etc.

Why not just let NWX access .antiwordservice like TextEdit does? That's what Cocoa services are for...

Richard. :?:

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Post by scruffymark »

Another alternative might be the wv utilities. wvWare can do at least basic rtf export (as well as pdf, html, text, and a few other formats), where I think antiword does only plaintext.

May not be quite as fast as antiword, but IIRC it seemed pretty quick last I used it, and the rtf conversion might be nice depending on how much formatting it manages to keep.

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Word conversion

Post by Talisman39 »


Just downloaded the beta, haven't spent a lot of time with it, seems pretty good so far though as others have commented lacking quite a bit.

Regarding Word conversion, it's quite speedy for me (ibook 600 mhz, OS 10.2.4, 380mb ram), opening a 9 page Word doc in about the same time as Word takes to open it. I'm using Office X.

Here are the problems I've found so far with conversion. Importing from Word:

Numbering does not come across. Indeed, there doesn't appear to be a way to do paragraph numbering or nested numbering (1, 1.1, 2, 2.1, 2.2, etc) in Express, or am I missing something?

Header/footers do not come across from Word - they appear to be dumped out into the body of the text at the very end. Headers and footers are empty otherwise.

On the export to Word side I see the following:

Paragraph formating (indents etc.) and colors come through, but something's wrong with the fonts: some show up as the right name in Word's font bar, but display as something else (Times?). For example, Helvetica comes across fine but Helvetica Neue does not, it displays as Times. This happens in headers and footers also. Changing the font manually in Word fixes it.

Graphics embedded into the Nisus doc are dramatically different in size in Word. In Nisus the graphic appears to be 1" across, in Word it's 4". In Nisus I don't seem to be able to resize the graphic as I can in Word (or classic Nisus). Am I missing something here? If I "round-trip" a document from Nisus-to-Word-to-Nisus that has an embedded image in the body, it starts out small in Nisus (1"), bit in Word (4") and then big in Nisus (4").

Love the interface so far, looking forward to the addition of features and the smoothing out of problems.


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