Nisus Writer 6.5 opens properly in NWE yet ??

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Nisus Writer 6.5 opens properly in NWE yet ??

Post by David »

I think I have searched appropriately and have failed to find an answer to the following:

I have a thesis from 2001 written in Nisus Writer version 6.5 (the final version?) which incorporates Footnotes, Contents and Index.

Is there a way of opening the file in NWE without having to 'fix' these features? If Yes, some hints please! If No, will it be possible in NE Pro? If Yes, when?

(Guess who has converted to an Intel Mac !! )



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Post by rmark »


Thank you for continuing to use Nisus Writer.

Nisus Writer Pro will resolve the issues you raise.

When? Shortly.

Your wait will not be in vain.
Write On!
Mark Hurvitz
Nisus Software Inc.

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