suddenly edit function does not work....

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suddenly edit function does not work....

Post by hakohugu »

When I edit a .doc-file, sometimes certain functions do not work.

For example, I add and erase a part of the document file,
1) cursor pointer can be put at the position wherever I click,
2) but, if "delete" key is pressed, the pointer does not move nor no characters are erased.
3) and, if I try to high light for continuous area of sentences, there is no high light marker shown,
4) eventhough that block can be dragged to other position.

I am not sure under what condition such behavior "surly" happens at present.

Does somebody experience such things?

My situation is
Hardware: iBook (dualUSB, 500MHz, RAM=640MB)
OS: OS-10.2.5 (International is set as English, and also Japanese)

Thank you for your information in advance.
--- hakohugu ---

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Post by siriusb »

I have noticed that if you type something but do not finish typing it, that is, if you do no press the space bar, the delete key ceases to work and you cannot highlight text either to select it. If you type something (and then hit the space bar) both the delete key and the selection work again. I suppose this is a bug and hope that it will be fixed because is quite anoying.



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