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Posted: 2003-05-13 05:49:18
by pgiltner
I wonder abt others' experience w/ NWX, & general responsiveness. One of the best (and there were millions) things abt Nisus Writer was its leaness. The pgm is still small, compared to other choices, but I find that using NWX on my 500mhz ibook w/ 320mb ram is so painfully slow that I cannot use it. I am forced to revert to appleworks if I want to do any work.

I find this pbm is readily apparent w/ typing. I am not lightning fast, but not slow either (abt 50wpm +/-), but I cannot type in NWX, as I have to wait for the text to show up on screen.

Anyone else? :evil:


Posted: 2003-05-22 19:24:33
by drjdg
I've noticed the same problem, and I've got 576MB in my 500 mhz iBook. I know damned well the machine is fast enough to keep up with my typing speed, but NWE is really sluggish.

Posted: 2003-05-23 17:04:11
by joao
I haven't noticed any sluggishness at all in the program using a PowerBook 867.

Posted: 2003-07-11 06:27:40
by pgiltner
The release version is noticably faster. Thank you.