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Expiration date of current Express Beta 1?

Posted: 2003-05-16 18:05:06
by ncianca
Does anyone know when the current beta is due to expire? I seem to remember it being 05/20/2003, which is in 3 days from now.

Beta expiration date

Posted: 2003-05-16 21:32:46
by MacUnix
According to the download page for the beta
[quote]This beta release will expire on May 24, 2003. [/quote]

Can't wait for the next Beta, to see what has been added in the mean time.

Posted: 2003-05-22 18:30:09
by fm
Do they remember that in Japan May 24th begins 16 hours earlier than in Solana Beach? :)

New beta (b4) available for download

Posted: 2003-05-24 05:53:27
by ncianca
Nisus b3 expired today and I found out that a new beta (b4) was quietly posted today. I haven't receive any email yet even though I'm on their email list.

However, it appears to be the same as b3 with a different expiration date. Still has the same crashing bugs as b3. There isn't even a copy/paste ruler feature (can't they just copy this from the TextEdit sample source?)

Nisus added some macros, but really this seems to indicate that very little progress has been made in the past month.