Enormous Cursor

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Enormous Cursor

Post by joshlapekas » 2007-06-19 06:34:21

Hello Nisus Users,

I've just recently downloaded the demo version of Nisus Writer Express and I really love the program, but I noticed that whenever you double space the text the cursor stretches to match the length of the line. Is this exclusive to the demo version? If not, is there any way to get rid of it and shrink the cursor to normal size while still writing with double spacing? Thanks so much.

-Josh :roll:

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Post by martin » 2007-06-19 15:28:39

Hi Josh,

I'm afraid the caret will always be as high as the full line reserved for the text, which includes the line spacing. I will file a request for an option that would let the caret take the height of only the adjacent character. Thanks,


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