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RTF footnotes to endnotes?

Posted: 2007-08-02 12:32:36
by Craig Turner
I tried exporting a RTF document with footnotes from Scrivener to Nisus Express.
Selecting all the footnotes and trying to make them endnotes only gives me a bit of garble at the end of the document. Then Nisus seemed to choke and quit.
It occurred to me that Scrivener's use of RTF footnotes/endnotes might be different than Nisus, although doing a "Select All" of footnotes seems to be okay and so it would seem that Nisus does recognize the footnotes Scrivener's output presents.
Or do I just manually convert each RTF footnote to an endnote?
Can anyone advise?

Posted: 2007-08-03 12:06:20
by martin
This sounds like a bug in Express. Can you send in the document using the menu Help > Send Feedback? I'll take a look, thanks.


Posted: 2007-08-03 14:09:04
by Craig Turner

I just got some feedback from Scrivener's side of the process:

"Looking at it again, I think Nisus only recognises newer RTF syntax, so it skips the old style "endnotes" flag. I'll take a look at the RTF syntax to see if I can make it more compatible."

However, I'll send in the document as you requested.

And many thanks.