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noob to Nisus-appreciate any help

Posted: 2007-08-19 13:50:56
by Phillip Hofstetter
Hi all,
I'm switching from Wordperfect (on the Mac! user for 17 years) to NWExpress.
I'm trying to learn all the keyboard shortcuts, particularly the navigation shortcuts. like end of line, next word etc.
Most are like Wordperfect but I'm missing a few.

Question: is there a key to shortcuts on NWExpress?
(Wish this was in the documentation. Maybe I'm missing something.)

for example, the "End" key on my keyboard does not take me to the end of the document.

Also be nice to know the screen up/down shortcuts. My page up/down keys work though.


Posted: 2007-08-19 14:40:53
by scottwhitlock
End SHOULD take you to the end of the document. It does with me.

Also, for anything other than document navigation, NWE shortcuts can be anything you want them to be (and you're not limited to one key--for example, a shortcut could be cmd-EFG, where you hold cmd down and type EFG in succession).

Go to Preferences->Menu Keys. Anything you can select in a menu can have a shortcut assigned to it, including Services, Macros, etc.


Posted: 2007-08-19 16:04:52
by Phillip Hofstetter
Thanks Scott,

End does behave properly now. I had to quit the file and relaunch it to see it work though. I also discovered now that command-down arrow also takes me to the End of Document.

Some slight bugginess: for instance, the program at one point would not allow me to edit text. Again, relaunching the file solved that.

I'm just now exploring the Menu Keys and it seems quite handy. Just have to get used to how NWExpress handles these things.
Thanks again.