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Unexpected Behavior:

Posted: 2003-07-19 20:43:24
by carrington
(Tried to send this via the NWE built in feedback option, but I keep receiving a "Could not connect to server" error.)

The "Replace All" button is disabled after use until you change the "Find what:" field or the "Replace with:" field, even though replacing all still can leave you with instances of the item(s) you wish to replace.

To duplicate this behavior, open a file which has multiple instances of muliple line-returns (\n\n\n\n etc.) in a row, then:

1. Select Find/Replace tooldrawer (cmd-F)
2. Select "PowerFind"
3. Enter text into "Find what:" field: \n\n
4. Enter text into "Replace with:" field: \n
(ie. replace double returns with single return)
5. Click "Replace All"
6. Click "Replace All" a second time and nothing happens even though there are still "\n\n" remaining after the initial pass. The button is disabled until you change the "Find what:" field or the "Replace with:" field.

Since "Replace all" can still leave you with instances of the material you wanted to replace (such as in the "replace double with single" example) I think the "Replace All" button should not be disabled after use.

Posted: 2003-07-19 20:47:43
by carrington
A second item of unexpected behavior concerns the spell-checker.

The spell checker gives red-dot underlines to misspelled words, but those lines disappear when you save, close, and re-open a file.

If you add then delete a space after a word you can re-activate the underline on a word by word basis, but there is no quick "check all spelling" command (although you can jump from word to word with the "Check Spelling" menu item).

If you do jump from word to word with the "Check Spelling" menu item, that still does not add back in the underlines.

However, if you select all text, cut it, and then paste it back into the document the red underlines will re-appear.

What I'd like to see is an option or preference to re-underline misspellings when a saved document is opened.

(Also, the Page Up and Page Down keys are supported, but not the Home and End keys, at least not on the white Apple "pro keyboard" model that came with my Power Mac G4. I guess that's more of a feature request than unexpected behavior, though.)