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Select and Drag?

Posted: 2007-09-30 21:29:44
by JapanRich
Is it just me? I double-click a word, then try to drag it somewhere within the open document and the new click starts to select again instead of dragging. I have to wait a few second s before the text can be dragged. Is this a bug?

Posted: 2007-10-01 12:04:33
by mrennie
That's no bug, it's standard Cocoa behaviour. Try any other Cocoa application, such as TextEdit or Safari, and you will notice the same behaviour.

Posted: 2007-10-01 16:31:18
by JapanRich
Hard to believe, but it's true! I've only tried to drag text in Word or Eudora, and never had problems. Isn't this a severe disabling by Apple? Do I have to go back to Cmd-X/Cmd-V? How come I never heard complaints about this? Does everyone just accept it?

Does anyone have a workaround that makes it possible to drag text AS SOON AS it's selected?