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Page Size

Posted: 2007-10-22 22:52:52
by imarshall
Hi there...

I'm writing a book and need to set it up as a page size of 8.5 x 5.5 and change the margins and I can't figure out how to do it.

I've seen the options where you can change it for printing but I need to change it while I am creating the document so I can actually see it right now on the screen while i type.

Any suggestions.


Posted: 2007-10-22 23:13:53
by martin
Hello Ian,

The page size for the document is actually taken from the print settings. So you'll want to use the menu File > Page Setup, choose your paper size, and then click OK. One note: if you have more than a single section in your document you'll want to select all the sections you want to modify before you make the change.

The margins can be controlled directly by simply clicking and dragging the margin edges that you see on the page (if you have the menu View > Show Page Guides enabled). Or, if you prefer numerics, then use the Margins palette, which is located in the Sections palette group.

I hope that helps. Cheers!