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Nisus Writer Express 3 hangs in Leopard...

Posted: 2007-10-28 00:09:07
by powerloader
It won't open properly, just the first page of the document shows then the dreaded spinning beach ball for eternity.

Is anyone else having the same problem? I'm in the middle of working on a huge presentation and had to switch over to word. Very annoying.

I'm on the latest MacBook Pro with plenty of memory.

Posted: 2007-10-28 14:08:21
by mhar4
I am having the same problem in v2.7. Using a brand new iMac.

Posted: 2007-10-28 14:15:48
by mhar4
Man, this totally blows. I really hope Nisus come out with a fix really soon.

Posted: 2007-10-28 15:55:17
by dshan
New Leopard-compatible (beta) versions of NWX and NWP are available here. It seems that NWX 3.0 and earlier are incompatible with Leopard. It's not stated anywhere I can see but I assume you have to already be on NWX 3.0 to install 3.0.1b. It looks like no Leopard support for 2.7 users, that's going to upset some people...

Posted: 2007-10-28 23:24:00
by mhar4
Yes, it upsets me for one. At least the dollar is weak and I am buying in British pounds.

Posted: 2007-10-29 11:46:45
by HeatherKay
It's not upsetting me. I'm not moving to Leopard until Apple fix the UI bugs like broken Dock and transparent menu bar. In fact, if I didn't need to update at some point - for some of my work I'd require Leopard for testing and screen-shotting - I'd probably skip 10.5 and wait for 10.6.



Posted: 2007-10-29 16:32:37
by gemboy27
smart choice

Posted: 2007-11-01 12:35:50
by Paul Ingraham
As a 2.7 user who has no intention of paying $40 for an upgrade that doesn’t address any of my pet bug reports and feature requests, I will certainly be irritated if Nisus doesn’t release a Leopard-compatible version of 2.7.

But they haven’t actually failed to do that yet. Let’s give them a chance to release it before bitching about it.

I can only hope that Nisus realizes that their is good value in supporting 2.7 users to the point of getting them running on Leopard. Not to do so would just be throwing customers away. We don’t expect a 2.8, but a 2.7.1 will allow us to continue using the product. Without it, very few people who wanted to stay with 2.7 for a while will bother upgrading to 3.