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reasonable choice

Posted: 2003-07-30 08:47:27
by Apricot
I can imagine lots of good reasons to choose to stick with th TextEdit engine. It's meant to be adopted by OS X folk, and Nisus should automatically inherit any good additions to that engine. And the idea of hot-rodding RTF I think is a wonderful idea.

Sure, in retrospect, it might have proved to be hampering their development (I don't know). It seems like the task of keeping the enhanced RTF compatible with all the flaky readers out there (esp. MS) may be very difficult. As it is now, when Word reads in NWE's RTF, the fonts tend to show up different.

But let's give them a break. They're stuck with the design decision now. I'm just pulling for some styles and tables to show up soon. I almost managed to write a whole grant proposal in NWE until the tables had to be done.

- Apricot