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Posted: 2007-11-10 13:47:20
by MacSailor
Elbrecht wrote: ... so talking about ODF is a bit misleading I think!
Both yes and no. ODF is the frame or the family name for several different subformats that are included within the open standard called ODF.

I'm to tired right now to try to explain it further. But anyway, I'm hoping Nisus to use ODF (or if you want in this case, the odt format).

Posted: 2007-11-21 19:49:35
by danup
This problem continues to frustrate me. I thought the idea behind buying from small companies is that you don't get jerked around and forgotten about, but I bought a word processor two years ago and now it's broken by an OS upgrade and I get one post on the company message board? Well, thanks a ton. I like NWE, but I'm not going to buy a vaguely-upgraded version because you guys can't be bothered to support your product. It shouldn't be my problem that you happened to update as Leopard was released; that's your burden to bear. Big companies at least own up to their mistakes--this is disgusting.