Graphics can be imported via clipboard??
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Author:  hakohugu [ 2003-07-31 18:20:43 ]
Post subject:  Graphics can be imported via clipboard??

A NWE user in Japan send me an E-mail to ask if graphics can actually be handled through copy/paste.

I referred the manual on Page-81 (Page-87 in pdf-file), I confirm that
1) using "Image..." in "Insert"-menu works
2) using "paste" in NWE after "copy" in other graphic application seems not working
3) drag&paste from Desktop in Finder works.

(my condition: OS-10.2.6, main script=English, iBook-dualUSB)

The description in Page-81 are correct?

The feature list for NWE found in Nisus-HP does not include any graphic handling, but there is a section for graphic importing in the manual.

I understand that the current NWE is just "Express", "ver.1.0", then scaling and editing of pasted graphics are not supported now.

I really like NisusWriter from version 2.0.4 and want to keep using the descendants.
Then, to make NWE or NisusWriter-X better, I would like to point out my findings and exchange information with other NisusWriter users.

Author:  charles [ 2003-08-01 16:30:41 ]
Post subject:  Graphics in Nisus Writer Express

Currently you should be able to place graphics "inline" in Nisus Writer (that means it appears in line with the rest of the text.) Probably in the next update or so we will be adding the ability to resize graphics. A floating graphics layer, however, is probably not a this year thing, though, as we need to focus on footnotes and tables.


Author:  hakohugu [ 2003-08-03 16:45:41 ]
Post subject:  My test results are different

Thank you for your reply, Charles.
I suppose you are one of the member of Nisus.
Then I would like to ask again.

On page-81 in "NisusWriterExpress User's Guide ver.1.0", there is the description that
"You can import EPSF and PICT graphics directly into NisusWriterExpress ....".

But when I test
1) EPSF graphics by CANVAS9
2) PICT graphics by CANVAS9
, none of the graphics would not be paseted into the NWE file.
(each of them contains only one oval shape)

I can paste the graphics of
A) PDF file (the pasted looks just same as the original)
B) PICT file (the pasted looks just same as the original)
C) EPSF file (the pasted looks different from the original)
only by "Drag&Drop".

As far as my testings,
1] "copy & past" does not work properly.
2] pasted graphics seem to have some limitation for their properties.

Author:  charles [ 2003-08-03 23:56:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: My test results are different

hakohugu wrote:
But when I test
1) EPSF graphics by CANVAS9
2) PICT graphics by CANVAS9
, none of the graphics would not be paseted into the NWE file.
(each of them contains only one oval shape)

If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you are saying when you try to paste from Canvas it does not paste? Is Canvas running in Classic or as a native OS X application? You might have found a bug with regards to how we handle pasting from other applications, it is certainly supposed to be there! (like the manual says.)

If this is a bug in our system, you might want to try again with our next release as we are making a lot of improvements in this area.


Author:  hakohugu [ 2003-08-04 00:36:36 ]
Post subject:  Drag&Drop partially works, but Copy&Paste works in m

My testing with CANVAS9 is case of native-X version.

OK, to avoid third-party dependence, I try the test again with the standard softwares.

Now, I try copy&paste with the file obtained by command+shift+4.

1) desktop screen shot of size as large as one icon obtained by command+shift+4
2) double click the screen shot file -> the file is opened with "Preview"
3) copy command is selected in "Preview"
4) paste command is selected in "NisusWriterExpress"

In step 4, nothing is pasted into the window of NWE.
I try this by using paste menu in "edit" menu, and also by short-cut.
The results are same, without any paste.

In my system, I never succeed copy&paste into NWE.
But in your circumstance, you can copy&paste.
When is the next version released?
I wish this problem is solved in the next release.

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