help! text>table =skinny text columns

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help! text>table =skinny text columns

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Sorry for the previous cross-post (into NWP forum). I went from a search result to New Topic without realizing I wasn't in NWE forum.

After changing tab-delimited text in a Nisus Express (2.7) doc into a table, all the text in the cells is strung out in a thin vertical column within the cell, with only 2 or 3 characters per line. For example, "ZIP" (for zip code) is thus:

Widening the columns has no effect.
Padding is set to 0.
Inserting the cursor to the left of a second-line of text and hitting backspace simply deletes a character (I thought there might be some hidden returns or other oddities).
None of the Alignment options in the Table Tools panel does anything to this arrangement.
I'm trying to get a membership list, for a small organization, into a spreadsheet, and don't own Word or want to.
What have I done wrong??

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Post by martin »

I would guess that your ruler settings prevent the text from expanding to take the full width available. Make sure that the head/left and tail/right indents are set to reasonable values.

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