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how to print selection

Posted: 2007-11-21 08:31:27
by jayindy
I did spend 5 minutes searching, but sorry I could not find an answer.

I'm new (to Mac & Nisus). Our company is changing from XP to MacBook Pros (entire company will change over in time) I'm finding Nisus Writer Express as a great way to read my .rtf files from Microsoft's Write, however I cannot see a way to print a simple selection...I'll be back to learn how to insert date and time as I gleaned and see a way to do that as well...can anyone give me a way to print a selection?

Posted: 2007-11-21 16:08:47
by martin
I'm afraid there's no way to print a selection, you'd have to do it manually. Eg: choose the pages to print in the print dialog or copy the exact content to a separate file.

Re: how to print selection

Posted: 2007-11-22 05:40:45
by Hamid
jayindy wrote:can anyone give me a way to print a selection?
If your selection does not include text with footnotes, use Services=>TextEdit=> 'New Window Containing Selection' menu and then print the file containing the selection from TextEdit. (You can also drag-and-drop a selection on to TextEdit's icon in the Dock to get a new file containing the selection.)
You can also use Print Selection Service 1.0 from the Services menu:

I have not tested it on Leopard, but have used it on Tiger without any problem.

If you need all the formatting, do as Martin suggests in his post.