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US Spelling-?

Posted: 2007-11-27 11:26:07
by Foxofjapan
I am using Nisus Writer Pro V. 1.0.2

Though the spell checker is set for English (U.S), my American spellings are constantly being challenged by British ones. For Example, in the US we write

defense not defence
color not colour
honoring not honouring.

Why am I getting these suggested corrections? I am not adverse to British Usage, but my editor wants American style.What to do?

Posted: 2007-11-27 13:19:07
by martin
Spell checking is done on a per-language basis. That is, you can have more than one spelling dictionary active in a single document. The key thing to note is that language is an attribute of text, eg: just as each word can have a different font applied, so too can the language change.

You'll want to make sure of two things:

1. The language applied to your text really is US English (check the menu Format > Language or the language palette or the language tag).

2. That your Nisus Writer language preferences have set the spell checking dictionary for that language to US English.