Nostalgia repost from above

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Nostalgia repost from above

Post by jwx1 » 2003-08-06 12:55:58

A repost because I wanted to ensure users saw this also.

Rebooted into Sys 9 today to do some Fontographer work.
Thought I'd visit the OLD Nisus (6.0.3). Excluding the speed present in the OS 9 environment, the ease of use and comfort of the OS 9 release of Nisus is enough to make you cry.

Documents flash open, imports fly. Menus organize themselves, spray information on the screen.

You can see why you'd pick it over Word, or anything else.

Why would you pick the OS X version over any of a half dozen others?

Want to see invisible characters? In v. 6, just click at the bottom of the page. In OSX, online help says you can(but you can't), manual is silent.

Want to do custom spacing for paragraphs? Like buttah in v.6, doesn't work yet in OSX. (after 2 years).

Want to import and edit a word file? The anvil chorus (online help, docs, and the co. posters on these fora) say it works. It doesn't. Not with any semblance of the original formatting. See Tex Edit from Trans-Tex. They had it a year ago. Longer.

Why don't they just run the v.6 version through the OSX mill and give that to us under OSX, rather than drawing out the death throes of the entire company in one thousand cuts. If Photoshop can be converted, Nisus can be. I'd settle for less tricky graphics, more text performance.

I paid for the OSX v.1 upgrade, but I am discouraged with the lack of information about WHEN or IF the most vital elements of this once great program will appear.

Nisus people: Give us a list of what's coming and when, please. If you don't know, say so. If it ain't gonna happen, say that. At least you'll be treating your customers as adults. If you've made mistakes, admit them to us, the folks who have your best interests at heart (believe it). We'll forgive mistakes, but not duplicity.

Thank you.

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ain't going to happen

Post by Apricot » 2003-08-06 14:38:55

Hey, we're all waiting for better things to happen for NWE. I bought NWE1, and I hope the next update comes before my year of updates runs out.

But I really doubt they are going to give us a schedule. They've said in some scattered posts about which features are coming next, but I've never seen any software company give hard deadlines on features.

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Post by catman » 2004-03-13 12:09:24

I'm with you 100,000 percent JWX1. The invisible characters, the character pallete with the ascii value were awesome. NWX uses a different character encoding--so I hope they give us a palette with that.

They say they need to get out a product that pleases 90% of the ppl.--a windows way but a way to stay in biz I supoze. I hope it is sooner rather than later.

The open file dialogue--to open absolutely ANY file. Today I wanted to open what I knew was html code in a text file. I had to changed the extension--IS THERE A WAY TO OPEN ANY FILE? They were all greyed out.
Text Edit saw them.


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