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macros- a question from a word user

Posted: 2003-08-14 19:02:24
by qelliott
Well, I've been using MS word for years, well over 10 now, but I grow tired of the sluggish response I get in OS X. but that is beside the point.

I have several template files that i use to create word documents, based on settings that I am prompted to input at the documents conception.
these include input for name, address, etc...All of this is for an appraisal creation process. Originally I believe that these word macros were created using visual basic, but I have not found a way to edit these files in quite some time- and I fear that one day the support in word may end.

can nisus writer express help me create a master macro template, or group of them, to aid in various document creation processes?


Posted: 2003-08-17 09:27:04
by charles
At this point, we do not plan on supporting visual basic so even though you will be able to open your template files in Nisus Writer, the macros will not work.

However, we are planning on adding some features in the macro arena in the coming months that will allow you to create this kind of workflow. Basically you will be able to create an AppleScript application that will prompt you for all the information you need and then create the document in Nisus Writer for you. Our next release (1.1), due out in about a month, should introduce some improvements in this direction, but it may be a little longer before everything you need is there.