Inconsistent behavior/spell check

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Inconsistent behavior/spell check

Post by Matt »

Has anyone else noticed some quirks with the built-in spell checker in NWE? I've noticed that some words that are spelled correctly still get the red underline. Control-clicking on them brings up a menu that says Spelling> but offers no suggestions for correction (since the word is correct). The only way to remove the underline is to misspell the word (or just introduce a space in the middle), then correct the spelling manually.

Another oddity - everything seems to lose it's spelling "status" when a document is closed. If I save a document that still has red-underlined spelling errors and then close it, all of the underlines will be gone when I reopen the document.

I've already submitted feedback in NWE, I was just curious if anyone else had noticed this.

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Post by JBL »

I have noticed this behavior in other Cocoa applications. I think it is Apple's bug.

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Just a theory and remedies to take

Post by DMaestoso »

This built-in problem lied with Apple SpellChecker, not Nisus Writer Express as it directly interfaced with Mac OSX and unlike in Classic version which Nisus used to provide previously. It is about over 6 weeks ago for me when I first got my new NWX and it took me to instructed Spell Check to "Learn" a word, even in dashes and periods accompanied with the words. My first week NWX crashed because of NWX might be learning or trying force Apple Spell Checker to cooperate.

Red underline is still a nuisance but the best remedy for me is go to "Nisus Writer Express>Preferences...>New Documents>View Option>Check Spelling As You Type" and unchecked it.

I am no Tech Guru but offer my observation. However, when I issued Apple Spell Checker to scan my file over 116k, NWX crashes after 25 second spinning. Let hope NWX 1.1 fit it.

:arrow: PS: Remember also the old days, Mac OS known as "BOSS." Do make your applications-in general-and Mac OS to work together.

:?: PPS: There is shareware that I'm not plan to shell out.

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