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Jump to page macro

Posted: 2008-03-31 11:52:10
by rgranit

I have recently bought Nisus Express 3.02. I've noticed that a function called "Jump to page" which was available on older versions, is now not found.

I tried using a Macro command which I found in this forum, but it does not work on Nisus Express and tells me the following message:

Nisus Writer Express does not support the macro command "Prompt Input". Please visit if you would like to purchase an upgrade to Nisus Writer Pro.

Is there another solution for such a basic function?!

Seems strange to me you have to buy the pro version for this simple macro.



Posted: 2008-03-31 18:50:55
by martin
Nisus Writer Express does not run most Nisus Macro commands, which includes the command that asks the user to enter a free-form number. Basically only Perl macros are available. This is a limitation of Express that will probably never be removed (eg: macros are a Pro feature).

However, if we add a proper "jump to page" menu (eg: not via macros), I would expect it to be available in both Express and Pro.


Posted: 2008-04-01 11:44:28
by rgranit
Thanks for your help, I think I'll upgrade to Nisus pro because this feature means a lot to me.

While using the program I've come up with another question: In one of the old versions of Nisus, back in OS 9, there was an option to work on one file while the old version was saved with an asterisk next to it's name. That way you could go back to the old version in case something happened...

Is this option available in the express or pro versions?

Posted: 2008-04-01 12:13:16
by martin
I'm afraid this option isn't currently available, but we are aware that it's a popular feature. You could author a macro to do such a backup, but it would have to be manually invoked via a menu, which I realize isn't ideal.