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Posted: 2003-10-12 16:10:01
by pmevans
Is there any way to create a stationery document without physically finding and selecting the document icon, doing a “Get Info” and toggling the Stationery Pad check box? I miss this. I have a few “fill-in-the-blanks” templates that I use frequently. Once in a while I forget to do a save-as with new name and end up with the auto save overwriting my template. Life was better with NW 6.

Posted: 2003-10-13 15:24:44
by charles
Stationary is definitely on our list. In the meantime, you can choose Get Info on any Nisus Writer document in the Finder and check "Stationary Pad". Then, when you double click on the file in the Finder, a copy will be made first and then the copy will be opened.