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Posted: 2008-06-28 16:36:41
by sarahlc
I own a lap/mac g4 and can't afford microsoft word. It appears alot of documents I've downloaded to my desktop won't work because of it.
I've been looking at: office pro, opal office,and nisus express. I couldn't try any of the others for free except nisus which seems friendly for mac.
I want to know if it helps me to open and see downloaded word documents because I still get the word notice of expiration even though I have the nicus
is downloaded to try. Will this nisus work for that and will it work for any software I might have that needs word? help? Thanks, I'm new at this. sarah

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Posted: 2008-06-29 06:00:53
by mrennie
Hi Sarah,

Nisus Writer Express/Pro can open Word documents; how much of the original layout is preserved is largely determined by the complexity of the document. If it only contains text, Nisus will open it almost flawlessly; if the document contains lots of images, text boxes, etc., the results will vary. Make sure you also have a look at NeoOffice, a free and very complete Mac port of, which is an open source project to create an office suite that rivals Microsoft Office.

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Posted: 2008-06-29 09:57:53
by sarahlc
Thanks for the reply!
I'm pretty slow at getting computer stuff ,and not very knowledgableabout the software.
My computer had a word program when I got it and it expired and keeps popping up when I
try to read something I've downloaded. I believe it was microsoft word or something like it.
I have a mac lap/g4 and I want to be able to write mostly and open and see what I download.
Since writing is primary to me; I thought the nisus writer express was the best idea. I like how it looks.
I saw that it is supposed to work compatibly with microsoft word so I was hoping it would open these things I downloaded before on my
desktop but even though I've trial downloaded the nisus writer program when I click on these old
letters it brings up the same expired message, Is this because I only temporarily downloaded the nisus or is it because they'tr not new letters or?
Also is an office equivalent include all that a "word" would have plus more?
I also saw these office programs offered like opal office and officepro for half the price.
Sorry it's so long. sarahlc

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Posted: 2008-06-29 10:30:40
by mrennie

thanks for clearing up this issue. To make Word documents automatically open in Nisus Writer Express, select one of these documents in the Finder, then hit Cmd (Apple, the key next to the Space bar) and i. This brings up a Get Info window. Click on the arrow next to Open With to expand the section, then click on the dropdown button (which should read "Microsoft Word") and select Nisus Writer Express from that list. (If Nisus Writer Express is not listed, click on Other and select Nisus Writer Express from the Applications folder in the dialogue that opens.)

As for recommendations: you should definitely give NeoOffice a try. As I've said, NeoOffice is the Macintosh version of, which can read a number of Microsoft file formats, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, quite faithfully. Don't even bother with MacOffice Pro; all this company is doing is trying to sell you a version of (which is free) with some specific non-free content; a very bad deal, in my opinion. Why pay for something when it is freely available to everyone?

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Posted: 2008-06-29 12:07:10
by sarahlc
Thank you so much for your help and patience!
I actually got it to work from your guidance.
Now, the microsoft office expire comes up with some document opening attempts.
I want to know if I have to get both neooffice and nisuswriter in order to write books etc and open office stuff. or does the neooffice that you suggested include all of the experience and abilities of nicus writer express too? I'm trying to cover all bases without having to buy too much. I'm not really familiar with whether office includes words abilities too, or a person needs both to write and open office stuff.
I also saw something about the writerexpress not slowing down anymore with leopard or with long documents and I wondered if this is correct,
I really want to know if I can write books with one of these without hassles or should I look elsewhere? Thanks for your trouble.
I just don't want to waste money, yet I want something that works the best. Will neooffice take care of all writing needs in the same way as nisuswriterexpress?, which I like. Please answer at least once more. I'm concerned about whether I've made myself clear. I'm not sure whether nisus writer pro or express is best. I'm trying express because it's the newest. If there are any drawbacks to having the nisus stuff or what is best? Would you share with me? Thank you! saralc