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info on neo office, nicuswriterexpress

Posted: 2008-07-01 16:09:22
by sarahlc
Dear anyone,
Please help me to understand if neo office includes all of what nisuswriter express has, or do I need to get both in order
to have the office equivalent as well as the word express abilities and form?!
Also, I need to know if the express is better in some way than the pro writer version?
Thanks, sarahlc

Re: info on neo office, nicuswriterexpress

Posted: 2008-07-01 16:55:38
by scottwhitlock
Express is a subset of Pro. Everything Express can do, Pro can do, and then some.

Express does not have all of the features of NeoOffice, however, you may find that the features it doesn't have are ones you don't need. If you want something that competes better with NeoOffice, you want to look at Pro, where you'll find crossreferencing features, indexing, table of contents, macro language, quickfind pro, etc. Pro, I think, competes very well with NeoOffice, however, NeoOffice, imho, opens Word documents a bit more faithfully. However, NeoOffice is not as elegant as Pro and I find it very hard to get things done in it. I keep it on my hard drive to open certain Word docs, but that's about it. It is ugly, it's awkward, and to me, give me NWP any day, which is a real writer's word processor and has many features that NeoOffice doesn't. I think if you use both, you'll notice that NWP is much easier to work with and to get work done with.

My two cents,


Re: info on neo office, nicuswriterexpress

Posted: 2008-07-01 20:48:56
by dshan
The key difference is that, like MS Office, Neo Office is a complete suite of office applications - word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation app, etc. - whereas both Nisus Writer Express and Pro are word-processing only applications. If WP is all you need then Nisus can probably do what you want, but if you need spreadsheets, etc. as well then you'll need something like Neo Office or iWork or MS Office instead of, or as well as, Nisus.

As to whether you should get Nisus Writer Express or Pro you should have a look at their features and see which one has what you need. For example only Pro supports mail merge, so if you need that you'll have to buy NWP. As noted previously Pro is a superset of Express and anything you can do in Express you can do in Pro, plus it has several unique features of it's own that aren't available in Express.

Re: info on neo office, nicuswriterexpress

Posted: 2008-07-02 09:37:07
by sarahlc
Thank you so much for your clarity! Have a great week end! sarahlc