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Farsi Support in 10.3

Posted: 2003-10-30 12:14:29
by nagha
I'm happy to report that support for Farsi has dramatically improved in 10.3. Mail now supports right-to-left and distributes the text appropriately.

I believe that this should remove any excuses for the lack of right-to-left support in Nisus.


Posted: 2003-10-31 19:23:20
by charles

Have you tried using tabs when writing right to left in 10.3? Also, have you tried writing with your text full justified? Our tests showed some problems in these area. I would be very interested to know what your experience has been!


So You Guys ARE Alive!

Posted: 2003-10-31 21:12:12
by nagha
Well, no I hadn't but I'm glad to see that I am able to get a response out of you guys. It's truly annoying to have the people who created one of my favorite apps disappear off of the face of the planet (as far as I'm concerned).

In the meanwhile, I will report this bug to Apple.