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changing demo trials help please

Posted: 2008-07-02 11:02:03
by sarahlc
Dear anyone, I first of all must inform you that I know very little about navigating my mac g4.
I've downloaded a demo trial of nisuc writerexpress and I have a couple days left of trial, but
I've decided I don't want to keep it. I"d rather demo trial writerpro. I've never tried demos before and
I don't know how to end this trial and check out another.
I'm hoping the trial I have is able to be removed or whatever you do because at one point I wanted
to see if it would open word documents on my desktop and was guided to somehow see in the finder
a place to choose only nicus and now when I look in my hard drive it shows nisus under the dot mac blue ball
with what looks like an eject button. It is also listed on the right side. In order for it to work I click on the list in the hard
drive and it shows up on my desktop. Maybe non of that matters, I just want to get that demo out so that I can try writerpro.
I truuuuuly appreciate anyones patience with such a novice!
Thank you. sarahlc

Re: changing demo trials help please

Posted: 2008-07-02 12:34:23
by martin
I don't know anything about dot Mac, but in general if you want to remove Nisus Writer Express just delete all copies of the application from your hard drive. In other words, move the application itself (from your Applications folder) to the Trash. That said, there's nothing stopping you from having both Express and Pro on the same machine- it won't do any harm, though certainly if you decide to use Pro, there's no sense in keeping Express around. I believe they have separate trial periods (eg: 15 days each).

Re: changing demo trials help please new

Posted: 2008-07-02 13:44:44
by sarahlc
Thank you so much. It took me a while but I got writer express out.
It kept popping up alias copies but I finally ended it all in the trash.
Now that I've done that do they know I've ended my trial? I
don't really know how you end a trial demo so that you don't have to buy it.
Please help me to understand. Thanks alot!!! sarahlc

Re: changing demo trials help please

Posted: 2008-07-02 14:38:13
by martin
I'm glad you got it worked out- and don't worry about "officially" ending the trial. You're not responsible for anything unless you want to fully purchase the application after the trial period. You're even free to keep the application on your hard drive past the 15 days if you think you might purchase it at a later date.