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NWE 1.1 and Find

Posted: 2003-11-23 11:22:21
by Ellen
I have just updated to NWE 1.1 and the Find function doesn't work anymore. It just doesn't do anything at all.

On another computer, very similar to mine, it does work, so it must be something on my machine. I have deactivated the only thing I can see that is different on the two machines, Default folder, and still nothing.

Any idea ?

I'm using 10.2.6 on a Dual 800 G4 but I think that's irrelevant because on the other identical Mac the problem doesn't appear.



Posted: 2003-11-26 19:06:44
by dave

Please contact me at We have had very few reports of this, but nothing definitive. If you could give more detail on the problem, that would be helpful.