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First Project in 1.1a

Posted: 2003-11-30 15:19:04
by Cocoapastor
A couple of days ago I paid my registration fee and I embarked on my first in-depth project using NWE 1.1a. It was good to discover useful features like the ability to copy font styles and the ruler. (Though I could not get the default keyboard shortcuts to work consistently. They work now that I changed the shortcuts in the preferences.) And it was helpful to discover that TextEdit styles work in NWE through contextual menus. I have also come to appreciate the way the Nisus Thesaurus is integrated into NWE. That is outstanding! But some problems quickly became apparent. Choosing Edit Clipboards gets you to the General Preferences panel so using the multiple clipboards will have to wait. Though formatting seems easier than I expected, quitting and restarting the program causes it to forget line spacing. And I found that by the time my paper was 8 pages long I had to constantly wait for the program to catch up with my rather slow typing. And chosing “print pages in reverse order” causes the program to crash. All in all, a good beta level application, one that would seem to be a few months from what should have been its first release. I hope these many annoying problems (and I'm sure there are more to discover) will be quickly fixed.