Save default view?
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Author:  Zuurbekje [ 2008-12-04 04:01:51 ]
Post subject:  Save default view?

Hello good people,

I am a new NWE user, and would like to know the following. I like my window/view set up as follows:
- zoom to 125 per cent
- hidden ruler
- hidden page guides

But NWE "forgets" these settings. Each time I start with a new document, I have to set these three options. My question: is there a way for me to save these settings as some kind of default view?

Thanks a bunch for your hints!

Author:  Hamid [ 2008-12-04 04:53:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Save default view?

The settings that you get when you open a new untitled document window are based on your Nisus New File.
The only way to get your preferred settings for every new document window is to edit the Nisus New File.

1. Open NWE Preferences
2. click the New File button
3. click the Advanced button
4. click Edit Nisus New File button. This will open your Nisus New File.
5. Make the changes in the file to reflect your settings and save the file and close it.

When you next open a new untitled document window, it will have the settings that you saved in the Nisus New File.

Author:  Zuurbekje [ 2008-12-04 06:04:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: Save default view?

Thanks so much, Hamid!

This fully makes NWE behave how I want. Thanks again!

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