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Blue streak upon hightlighting text

Posted: 2003-12-01 19:34:34
by meagvg
Just curious.

Does anyone else see a remnant of blue that remains after highlighting text?

There's no problem with any particular procedure (cut/paste, font change, etc) so it is just a minor irritant.

There is a single blue line where the screen appears not to be redrawn after a hightlighting operation. Moving the cursor over the area makes it disappear. Similar to the blurred text issue I've mentioned elsewhere.

Panther, AlBook 1.25, Cinema display

Posted: 2003-12-01 21:44:37
by Cocoapastor
I have seen this blue cosmetic remnant in several cocoa applications since the introduction of 10.3. My guess is that is an Apple problem, not a problem with NWE.