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v1.1 custom Menu Keys not working

Posted: 2003-12-03 08:15:05
by Tbone
I just downloaded and started using v1.1a, and discovered that custom menu keys don't work. You can still set them in the Preferences pane, but they won't function, and when you quit/restart, the custom settings are 'forgotten'. I posted a bug report but thought I'd mention here as well in case someone has a fix.

I love being able to use key commands to switch between draft view and page view. Great program overall.

They may after all

Posted: 2003-12-05 14:59:59
by Cocoapastor
I have found that shortcuts do work and they are remembered but only if there are no conflicts with the key combinations that are chosen. NWE does not seem to inform you if there is a conflict. Plus the program will not accept certain key combinations (even without conflicts) but there is no warning message to alert you to this.

Posted: 2003-12-05 15:08:41
by Tbone
Thanks. I realized this problem seems only to affect the "draft view" or "page view" functions. Though the preferences pane allows you to set a custom key command to active these functions, it does not work and is not 'remembered'. Unfortunately, there is no pre-set key command for these functions so you have to use the mouse to activate them thru the "view" pullddown menu.

In the prior version of NWE I had (v1.03) you could set key commands for these functions. Getting used to having to grab the mouse again.

Posted: 2003-12-05 18:25:39
by Cocoapastor
I’m waiting for Menu Master at to be updated for Panther. Then almost anything menu item in any application can be given the shortcut of choice once again!