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Wild Card use in Express 
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In Express I can't figure out how to Replace with what used to be called 'Found 1', 'Found 2', 'Found 3' etc when I've searched using more than one wild card in a string.

Just using 'Found' to leave various letters or digits unchanged in Replace doesn't work.

Here is an example:
I want to find all instances where a hypen is used with a space either side of it, between numbers and letters as in:
9am - 3pm
I want to change the hyphens to the HTML code for an en dash: –

So I've input:
Find what: [[:alpha:][:digit:]] - [[:alpha:][:digit:]]
Replace with: \0–\0

This yields a correct find, e.g. m - 3
But it replaces that with: m - 3–m - 3
Instead of: m–3

(I hope this makes sense!)

2009-01-09 04:02:34
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Does this set of PowerFind Pro find/replace expressions work the way you want?:

([[:alpha:][:digit:]])( - )([[:alpha:][:digit:]])


2009-01-09 05:44:33

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Yes, Hamid: that works perfectly. Many thanks! :)

2009-01-16 06:10:53
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