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"Cannot read or write a file" = cannot license NWE 3

Posted: 2009-02-07 12:21:27
by James Robinson
I recently upgraded to NWE 3 and promptly upgraded my old license, but I've run into anproblem: I can enter the license and NWE recognizes it as valid, but when I try to close the license screen it gives me the above error and the next time I launch Nisus it thinks it's unlicensed.

Hardware is a last-generation 1.67GHz 17" PowerBook G4 with about 50GB free space on disk. OS is 10.5.6. NWE is at version 3.1.

I tried licensing under both user and admin accounts with the same result. Additionally, I'm trying to switch from a per-person to a per-machine license.

Any insights? Thanks in advance.

Re: "Cannot read or write a file" = cannot license NWE 3

Posted: 2009-02-08 13:26:49
by martin
If you try to add the license as a "computer" type, then you definitely must be logged in as an administrator. If you are an admin, or are simply trying to add a "user" license, then I would check to see if your permissions are in order (using Apple's Disk Utility application).